Do You Want the Best-Looking Lawn in the Neighborhood?

Hire us for irrigation installation services in Chico, CA

Your yard needs an adequate water supply to stay green and lush. Look to Mike's Yard Care for first-rate irrigation installation services in Chico, CA. We can install spray or drip irrigation systems based on your preferences and water supply needs.

Your grass and landscaping won't be thirsty for long - we'll complete the installation process in four to five days depending on the size of your yard. Contact us for irrigation installation services today. We'll make sure your landscaping stays healthy and beautiful.

Depend on us for irrigation repair services

If your irrigation system is malfunctioning, your green grass and luscious landscaping are going to turn brown. Call us for sprinkler system repair services ASAP if:

  • You ran over your sprinkler heads with the lawn mower
  • Your sprinkler valves are broken or cracked
  • Your pipes froze during the winter

Small leaks or cracks can turn into big issues quickly, so make sure you make our sprinkler system repair services a top priority. Dial 530-638-5469 now for a free estimate.